Artemis Coronation


The Krewe of Artemis Coronation Ball announces our Royal Court and officially kicks off the carnival season. The 2023 Royal Court will be presented August 27, 2022 at Hilton Capital Center Downtown Baton Rouge

This marks our Twenty-first Annual Coronation Ball. The Royalty is presented to the Krewe Captain, officers, lieutenants, members and their special guests. The event begins with the presentation of the 2020 King, Queen, Maids and Dukes. This is followed by the introduction of the 2023 Royal Maids and Dukes and Princesses and Master Dukes. The presentation continues with the introduction of the Queen’s pages and her majesty, Queen Artemis. Immediately following, the King’s pages and his majesty, King Artemis is introduced. This is followed by a promenade of the newly crowned King and Queen Artemis and their Royal Court.

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